14 Nov, 2019
Dr Matarasso says male patients today
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 Breast reduction (gynecomastia) ranked number four with more than 24,000 procedures, up 22 per cent since 2000, and hair transplantation ranked fifth, up 17 per cent since 2017.Despite his lean physique, Dennis, 59, a creative director, also found it challenging to lose weight in specific areas. Due to this rising trend, plastic surgery is becoming a common Father&China plastic bottle machine Manufacturers39;s Day request as more men consider a surgical assist to enhance their physique and fend off the dad bod for a while longer.Dr Matarasso said he finds more men are seeking plastic surgery to help them professionally as well as they feel more confident about advancing in their careers and competing in the workplace after surgery. Men are embracing the idea of surgery more than before.

Regardless of the reason though, I always stress the importance of consulting with a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.."I realised I was never going to lose the weight on my own. Men notice their body changes due to ageing and parenting, and it starts to look completely different in their 30s and 40s. I think an open dialogue about plastic surgery is becoming more acceptable, especially for men," he said."I've been in fashion my entire career, and it makes me feel good when I walk in the room and I don't feel as if I look 60 in a room of 25- to-30-year-olds.Nearly half a million Botox procedures were performed on men last year, and more than 100,000 men had filler injections to reduce the signs of ageing. With a desire for a natural outcome, he underwent chin surgery and buccal fat removal surgery, as well as an eye lift to achieve a more youthful, toned appearance. I always carried weight in my neck and chin, and my droopy eyelids made me look more tired than I actually was."Obviously, men don't go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance."Men are embracing the idea of surgery more than before.

Dr Matarasso says male patients today embrace nonsurgical and minimally-invasive procedures to the same degree as female patients. Diet and exercise patterns fluctuate, and they don't sleep as much.Plastic surgery for men consists of surgical and non-surgical body contouring and facial procedures that are typically performed in a single surgery. Our unique training and qualifications allow us to perform cosmetic procedures of all types. Eyelid surgery ranked second, followed by liposuction (up 5 per cent).3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men last year alone, representing a 29 per cent increase since 2000, reported a recent study of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. I've gained unexpected confidence from the small changes I took," said Dennis. 

Washington: A recent study claims that more men go through plastic surgery to boost their confidence and improve physical appearance, in comparison to women. Plastic surgery is a personal decision, but I know guys my age who have done different cosmetic procedures. We are committed to providing plastic surgery patients with the safest outcomes, and we want them to have peace of mind as we help them achieve their aesthetic goals," he added.Studies show that more men undergo plastic surgery.After struggling to lose stubborn fat around his midsection, 57-year-old Scott, a restaurateur, pursued plastic surgery when diet and exercise couldn't help him reach his goals.More than # 1.With more than 200,000 surgical procedures performed on men in 2018, rhinoplasty was the most popular with more than 52,000 procedures. That is the point of a Daddy-Do-Over," said, one of the researchers, Alan Matarasso

08 Nov, 2019
I have observed several times that customers
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"Ramkishor Sahu, a Dadar-based vendor said that hawkers kept plastic bags for fear of losing customers. Mumbai: The state government has imposed a ban on illegal plastic carry bags, but there is no stopping their use in the metropolis. With free availability of these bags nearly everywhere, people are continuing to use them, defeating the very purpose of the ban.The violation of this act invited a penalty of Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 for the first and second offence, respectively.50 crore on shopkeepers and hawkers for use of the banned plastic bags. “People insist on plastic bags.

I have observed several times that customers refuse to buy when we say there are no bags,” he said.Civic officials blame the failure of the ban on clandestine supply of banned plastic carry bags from neighbouring cities.. According to civic data, BMC in the last three years has registered 3,158 cases; seized 4,805 kg plastic; and levied a fine of Rs 1.A clandestine supply of plastic carry bags from neighbouring cities has further added to the plastic menace in the city. Certain China Blowing Machine Suppliers offences were liable for a fine of Rs 25,000 and imprisonment of three months.Mumbai daily generates 6,500 metric tonnes of garbage; a significant share of which contains plastic.Despite all this, the use of carry bags in the city has continued unabated. We have formed two squads to take action against the banned carry bags. Authorities there should take action against the manufacturers to stop the supply.

A clandestine supply of plastic carry bags from neighbouring cities has further added to the plastic menace in the city.The clogging of drains due to plastic carry bags was one of the prime reasons for the 26/7 deluge in 2005, which brought the entire city to a standstill with over 1,000 people losing their lives.A senior civic official said, “Despite the ban, carry bags continue to reach hawkers from neighbouring cities like Diu, Daman, Silvassa, Vasai, Dahanu etc.Mumbai daily generates 6,500 metric tonnes of garbage; a significant share of which contains plastic. Soon after, plastic carry bags under 50 microns thickness and under 8x12 inches size were banned by the state government under the Maharashtra Non-biodegradable Garbage Control (MNBGC) Act

28 Okt, 2019
They are totally convinced that the use of plastic
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India generates about 25,940 tons of plastic and more than 97,000 tons of solid waste per day, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change had revealed in June.Bhagar said the idea to create awareness in this quirky manner stemmed from an incident in the past when an individual once threw a plastic bag filled with food in front of him.As part of his awareness campaign, Bhagar, on daily basis, visits schools and engages children in talks with help of his unusual attire. Environmental degradation hurts the poor and vulnerable the most."India is the fastest-growing economy in the world today.

I urge you all to not to use plastic and its products in order to keep the environment clean and green," he said."Vineet Bharadwaj, Collector and District Magistrate of Mayurbhanj, lauded Bhagar for his unique move and said his efforts can culminate into a mass movement in the district and everyone can collectively work towards a better future.In order to combat plastic pollution and other environmental issues, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, had pressed for the need to reduce consuming plastic. (Photo: ANI) A principal from a local school in Odisha stated, "Our children love to talk to him regarding pollution because of his dress."Moments after, I saw a cow chewing that plastic bag along with the food, it pained me. It is the duty of each one of us to ensure that material prosperity does not compromise our environment," the Prime Minister had stated.

We are committed to realising the standards of our people in a way that is sustainable and green. (Photo: ANI) Mayurbhanj (Odisha): In an attempt to create awareness of how much waste is generated by plastic products, a 36-year-old resident of Mayurbhanj district is dressing himself using polythene bags and roaming on the streets of the district on his bicycle."I just want to send out a clear message to people that plastic is very harmful to the environment.Speaking to ANI, Bishnu Bhagat, popularly known as a &48 Cavity-Preform Mould39;chalta firta dustbin' (walking-talking form of a dustbin) said his main aim is to create awareness about the hazards of using plastics, be it sipping tea in a plastic cup or carrying shopping bags made of plastic.

They are totally convinced that the use of plastic will deteriorate the environment and increase the toxicity in the environment. From that day, I decided that I will make efforts to create awareness among the masses about the pollution caused by plastic and the products made from it," he added. After a couple of days, I was informed that the same cow died because of consuming the plastic."One of the school students, Sanjana, said: "From Bhagat, I learned that I should not use polythene bags and also encourage my friends and family members to stop its use. I am wearing this dress made of plastic so that I can also teach children regarding the same. Bishnu Bhagat, popularly known as a 'chalta firta dustbin' (walking-talking form # of a dustbin) said his main aim is to create awareness about the hazards of using plastics, be it sipping tea in a plastic cup or carrying shopping bags made of plastic.As part of his awareness campaign, Bhagar, on a daily basis, visits schools and engages children in talks with the help of his unusual attire

24 Okt, 2019
If all the big players globally start to deal with this in their own shops
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Plastic packaging is cheaper than some of the other possible options."I just wish there were a few more things I could have got today," said Stirling, who added in particular that she would have liked more choice of non-packaged cereals for her son.The pledge&China bottling machine Manufacturers39;s four tenets include eliminating all single-use packaging and making the remainder recyclable or compostable by 2025. (Photo: ANI) London: British supermarkets are starting to go "nude".

While the priority is the environmental benefit, we clearly need to ensure (the trial) is commercially viable," spokesman James Armstrong said.The Oxford branch of the upmarket chain was selling 160 types of vegetables and fruits, plus cereals, grains, couscous, lentils, wine, beer and other items in bulk, in what was initially planned as an 11-week trial.Currently, British stores rely greatly on plastic to ship, store and sell items.Part of the problem, he said, stemmed from the marketing of plastic in the 1960s when it came to symbolise modernity and practicality.He said that plastic is good for packaging too, but only if it can be recycled well. It's up to the supermarket to (make the switch) as opposed to us, isn't it?".

We did this to show the other big supermarket chains that it wasn't as difficult as they said it was," Andrew Thornton, who runs a Budgens in north London, told AFP, of the reorganisation which took 10 weeks.Other big supermarket chains have signed up to "The UK Plastics Pact"."Plastic is a great material," he said, pointing to its advantages for hospital materials, pipes and technological equipment."I genuinely don't know," she said, while also shopping at Waitrose, armed with her own plastic containers.It has now extended its trial in the branch and announced that it would soon introduce the scheme in three other stores.UK's 10 largest grocery chains produce 810,000 tonnes of single-use plastic packaging every year, figure that doesn't include bags.

Now retailers in Britain -- where even bunches of bananas are often sealed in plastic to keep them fresh and undamaged during long-distance shipping -- are gradually following suit."It's so liberating," the 49-year-old mother said, carrying her own containers for the loose products.Materials scientist Mark Miodownik, of University College London, said that plastic had become a victim of a global business model focused on "disposability and consumption".Britain's Food Standards Agency notes that plastic limits # the exposure of produce to air and moisture, extending its shelf life and "helping to reduce food waste"."Nude zones" and "Food in the Nude" campaigns are already being rolled out in places such as New Zealand and South Africa, where many fresh fruits and vegetables are grown within relatively easy reach.So, are shoppers ready to pay more for their groceries to come wrapped in more ecological packaging?Fran Scott, a 55-year-old marketing consultant, is unsure.Budgens Belsize Park, a London branch of the smaller supermarket chain Budgens -- part of a 147-year-old company of nearly 250 franchises -- has already ripped the plastic off more than 2,300 of its 14,000 products.

I've just done my first-ever plastic-free shop," said May Stirling, who travelled 60 kilometres (35 miles) from the village of Ramsbury to Oxford for the university city's "unpackaging" event at the local Waitrose supermarket. Bowing to pressure from environmentally conscious consumers, big brand shops have begun taking steps to strip their shelves of plastic wrapping over concerns about saving the oceans from waste.But among those products still delivered to the shop in plastic is cheese, which the staff cut into slices and then re-wrap in clingfilm made of sugarcane."Well, there is nothing else," he said.Morrisons, which like Tesco and Asda is among the biggest five supermarket chains in Britain, intends to install plastic-free produce zones in 60 locations by the end of the year.But Budgens shopper Richard Brady still said he felt guilty about being caught holding a plastic container of sushi."It comes like that and my wife is hungry.Others are going further."I would like to think that," she added however.

If all the big players globally start to deal with this in their own shops and put pressure on the big manufacturers, things will shift," Thornton said.Waitrose has said however that it has yet to establish whether plastic-free zones would work in all of its 344 locations across Britain.The country's 10 largest grocery chains produce 810,000 tonnes of single-use plastic packaging every year, a figure that does not include bags, Greenpeace and the UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency said in November.Like Stirling, other shoppers have also been pressing the Oxford Waitrose supermarket to do more to stop plastics pollution via a wall, set up by staff, where customers have pinned hundreds of suggestions, many asking for refillable bottles for items like milk and cleaning products. I've just done my first-ever plastic-free shop,鈥?said May Stirling, who travelled 60 kilometres (35 miles) from the village of Ramsbury to Oxford for the university city's "unpackaging" event at the local Waitrose supermarket.Tesco and Asda, a low-cost retailer, have promised to stop using plastic for online shopping deliveries

16 Okt, 2019
The reason we are not giving this plastic to the recycler
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So why depend on others when we can take action ourselves? Other than plastic we also want to eliminate dry waste. We also have a track record of every single plastic bag we collect, as also the saplings distributed. “We are a group of 150-200 ladies who started giving information about the plastic menace to people. plant in Pune, from where, the plastic bags will be incinerated to produce high-speed diesel and biofuel. Ltd. We cannot dump plastics anywhere. We want to provide a valuable and long-lasting alternative,”says Tushar. (Left to right) Tushar Warang, Dr Nilima Gajbhiye of the NSS Unit, Jayesh Harsora and student Disha Dhadve hand over a sapling to a donor.

The collected plastics will now be donated to the Mumbai based Nirbahaya Foundation who will then send it to the G. Recycling plastic alone does not assure that plastic will not end up in the landfills and water bodies across the city and this initiative enables citizens to put their unused plastic to good use.Jayesh Harsora, the founder of Vasudhara Green Club, is an advocate for both the plastic ban and for spreading the importance of trees, “We have only learnt to use plastic, but the second thing about plastic is its disposal which we have not learnt. We have to develop a sustainable lifestyle. Our tagline ‘my plastic is my responsibility’ speaks for itself,” says Asmita Gokhale, founder of the Nirbhaya Foundation.“We want to bring forth alternatives for people to dispose their plastic.

The reason we are not giving this plastic to the recycler is that only a certain kind of plastic is used by them and after segregation we are still left with heaps of plastic,” says Tushar Warang from the NGO Angolichi Goli. D.m-18. Environmental Pvt. “Wherever people are willing to eliminate plastics, we will be there,” concludes Tushar. The whole concept might be to beat plastic pollution, but I guess to manage plastic is more important. So we send this plastic to make high-speed diesel, which can be used in cars, generators and where every diesel can be used. The NGOs collaborated with the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of Ramnarain Ruia College in Matunga on Saturday to beat plastic pollution.This collection of plastic bags will now be given to the Nirbhaya Foundation that has been championing the elimination of plastic in the city for the last 18 months.

Just like when you cook food you have to think of all the members of the family. The purpose for giving these saplings is to connect with nature and to create a source of oxygen in a city like Mumbai.While this activity earlier took place at Goregaon’s Patkar college, these NGOs now plan to conduct various such drives at colleges, societies and slums across the city.”The drive has managed to collect 400 plastic bags with the help of students from the college and has distributed 80 indoor and outdoor plant saplings to the donors. But only awareness is not enough to convince people.Three city-based NGOs get together to overhaul the plastic disposal system in Mumbai. So when hot food is put inside recycled plastic containers, the nanoparticles in them dissolve and enter our bodies; which according to research, is the major cause of cancer and infertility.

As Mumbaikars clock in the third week of the plastic ban in the city, two NGOs, Vasundhara Club and Angolichi Goli have come up with an effective solution to prevent the dumping of plastic bags into landfills.The idea behind this initiative is to promote a steadfast alternative to mitigate plastic pollution. A desk was put up at the college quadrangle, where water bottling machine Manufacturers students could deposit a minimum of five plastic bags in exchange for a sapling. People still don’t know what to do with the unused plastic and we are here to fill that gap. When we recycle plastic it turns into a low-grade plastic

09 Okt, 2019
This encouraging development will now open many avenues
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With every fifth person in India suffering from such a condition, according to a 2018 study, keeping a hawk’s eye on early detection and fitting in regular monitoring is crucial. In most general terms, Artificial Intelligence can be described as the assimilation of human intelligence in machines.Looking at how AI is now going mainstream, it is no surprise that this tech innovation was one of the major highlights of the Interim Budget 2019, with the announcement of the government’s plan to launch a national program on AI by starting the National Centre for AI and further development of the National AI portal.  

However, this means, in a long time to come is only a step towards helping real doctors and nurses deliver better and not replace their services and personal touch, which is one of the most central areas of healthcare. Furthermore, AI can help in improving the telemedicine services by using machine learning algorithm to better diagnose ailments, give better insights and help prognosis in patients’ way ahead and prescribe medications & treatments accordingly.With prospects galore, the use of AI can lead to incredible results that will bring a paradigm shift in the way doctors treat patients.By Ashish Gupta- CEO, Docprime. The sector has already started using AI in understanding and analysing medical data to facilitate better consumer experience by automating many of its processes. These bots, like any medical assistant, have the capability of doing all the basic and mundane tasks of registering patient information, booking an appointment with doctors or labs and even managing test results while providing impeccable service.

The synergy between AI and telemedicine can bring forward a long term solution to address the problem of accessibility, cost, and quality. It also provides secure customer support from the first step, wherein the patient interacts with an AI application through a chatbot on a website or an app. In case of communicable diseases, with the help of AI, certain patterns like the weather condition, wind speed, proximity to water bodies, pollution, or earlier outbreaks, can be observed by the machine to give intelligent insights that can further help in clinical decision making.AI has an immense potential to transform each vertical of the ever growing healthcare sector.Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the original author. Also, with Indian’s government’s initiative and promotion of digital technology, this sector with the support of telemedicine can reach out to remote areas to provide better healthcare to one and all.

To start with, many are using bots for customer service.Also, prediction of epidemics is another integral area where AI can support public welfare.Worldwide valued at USD 38,046 million in 2018 and expected to grow at USD 103,897. The digitization of this process can assist in continuous monitoring of the patients’ status and administering the medication in patients. This can help offer 24/7 assistance for basic requests, improve customer service and productivity of the sector. The collection of data will give the healthcare industry the power to insights that can result in early detection, better care, and thus, improve patient longevity to a certain extent.Some other areas of healthcare are already expertly leveraging the power of AI. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of Deccan Chronicle and/or other staff and contributors to this site. In a country like India where there is a huge disparity in the distribution of healthcare facilities and where there is an unfavourable doctor-patient ratio, which is further compounded by the rich-poor and urban-rural divide, an efficient tandem of telemedicine and AI will play a critical role. This also lessens the long call-waiting time for customers and is intelligent enough to transfer the call to a doctor, when it does not have a solution. Healthcare Sector. In fact, the popularity of chatbots gave way to voice bots, which is the next level of the bot era, wherein, after analysing various recordings, an algorithm is formed that has the capability of answering the basic questions pertaining to routine health issues and suggesting its cure on call.

This encouraging development will now open many avenues and areas for this technology to showcase its advantages and offerings for sectors across the board.77 million in 2024, according to a market intelligence firm, the 48 Cavity-Preform Mould growth drivers of the teleconsultation market are the need for cost-effective healthcare solutions, technological advancements and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. These examples by now would have given many of you an idea of the power of AI and the numerous possibilities it presents for impacting varied business sectors.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by many people in their daily lives, knowingly or unknowingly, services like voice command tools, navigation services like maps are some common uses of AI. Thus, AI can help in successfully diagnosing diseases, and can also facilitate regular contact between these patients and healthcare providers. Telemedicine or Telehealth is one such emerging field in the healthcare which is steadily gaining traction.e.

The 2030 vision of 1 lakh digital villages could further transform the way healthcare will be accessed and delivered. The steady adaptability can act as a mediator in resolving the issue and making healthcare reachable and affordable to all..Another important aspect where AI can be used in the healthcare segment is for the treatment of chronic diseases.Of the many industries that have successfully implemented and benefitted from the use of AI, provided by machine learning algorithms, there is one, in particular, that is looking to unceasingly leverage the limitless capabilities of the AI revolution,

29 Sep, 2019
When Geeta was asked whether she is happy and satisfied with her work
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After that the quality and neatness began to show in her sewing. Another customer Roshni Devi said, "There is a lot of neatness and finesse in the clothes stitched by Geeta. I am proud that Geeta has been able to do something of her choice and also earn money". They set up the shop with the necessary things.One day, an NGO called Udyogini organised a programme in Geeta’s village. Geeta started to do tailoring work from home and the demand for sewing clothes began to rise at a steady pace.  

It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do"— Pele "To start a business, you don’t need to be highly educated, but you certainly need to be interested in the work that you are going to do", said Geeta Devi, a housewife from village Bhatoli in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand who has studied only till Class 5. To manage the finances required in setting up the shop, Geeta had to sell her ox and take yet another loan from her brother. She was given 60 days of training. Geeta Devi registered for the programme and took up sewing as the skill that she wanted to develop. She then decided to approach the women who lived nearby to stitch clothes for them. They had a small kitchen garden, which catered to the family’s needs, an ox and a cow - which helped to meet the family’s milk requirement. 

When the demand shot up, she decided to open a shop. I will expand my business and also open teaching schools. Also, there was only one sewing machine available for every two participants in the training. Just 15 days into the training, Geeta Devi thought that if she gets training on her own sewing machine, she would be able to learn faster as she was also very keen to make this skill her means of livelihood. She rented a small shop in the market place with the support of her husband and brother. Also, she used the money that she had earned after stitching clothes for the village women. Through her hard work and consistent efforts, Geeta Devi has not only been able to improve the economic condition of her house but has also become more confident in dealing with people. Darwan Lal was the only earning member who worked as a construction worker.

Now, she is a successful entrepreneur and earns between Rs 3500 to 4000 per month. It was difficult to run the house without getting a job, but because of Geeta now there is a little support.When her husband Darwan Lal was asked about the change, he said, "Earlier the responsibility of the entire house was on me. With this thought in mind, she dug into her savings and with some financial help from her brother, bought a new sewing machine.Geeta Devi was motivated by the circumstances that she found herself in.During the training, Geeta Devi felt that the clothes she was stitching did not have the required finesse that she would have liked to see. 

Also, she gives a good fitting and provides new designs, so I give my clothes to her. He managed to earn a measly sum of only Rs 3000 per month. Apart from this, Geeta used to stitch people’s torn and old clothes in her free time for a paltry sum of money. As part of the programme, the villagers were provided with information about an entrepreneurship and skill development training programme that was going to be conducted with the financial support of Dehradun based organisation, "The Hans Foundation".

When Geeta was asked whether she is happy and satisfied with her work, she said, "During the training, I met many learned people. If I do not get any work, it doesn’t bother me as much as Semi automatic blow machine Manufacturers it would have earlier.Success is no accident.Sateshwari Devi, one of the many ladies who gets her clothes stitched from Geeta said, "Geeta stitches very well and because she is also a woman I don’t feel hesitant to go to her to get my clothes stitched". After opening the shop, Geeta Devi received a number of orders to stitch suits, saree blouses, and petticoats. With seven members in the family — she, her husband Darwan Lal, three daughters and two sons it had become extremely difficult for her to make both ends meet."(Charkha Features). The family lived in a small kuchha house with two rooms and a kitchen. I have realised my own potential

26 Sep, 2019
After youve made any necessary updates
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After youve made any necessary updates, Google recommends publishing to Google Play right away, without changing the apps platform targeting. You can get all of the latest Kotlin performance improvements just by keeping Android Studios Kotlin plugin up-to-date.As part of Android 9 Google is modernizing the foundations of Android and the apps that run on it, as part of Google’s deep, sustained investments in security, performance, and stability.Android 9 brings performance and efficiency improvements to all apps through the ART runtime. 

A hardware abstraction layer (HAL) provides the underlying API for enumerating the variety of Secure Elements (eSE, UICC, and others) available. With this accuracy you can support 48 Cavity-Preform Mould Factory use-cases like in-building navigation; fine-grained location-based services such as disambiguated voice control (e. In Android 9, youll see the first results of this work--weve improved several compiler optimizations, especially those that target loops, to extract better performance. Google expects these to correlate closely with reductions in system DEX memory usage and faster startup times for your apps. For example, when a network is congested, JobScheduler might defer large network requests.Kotlin is a first-class language on Android. As you work through the flows, make sure your app runs and looks great, and that it handles the Android 9 behaviour changes properly.Google is also releasing an update to the Android 9 - API 28 SDK, which contains nullability annotations in some of the most frequently used APIs. Turn on this light); and location-based information (e. JobScheduler then manages work according to the network status. Google is also working with a number of other partners to launch or upgrade devices to Android 9 this year.

And devices that participated in the Beta program from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential, as well as all qualifying Android One devices, will receive this update by the end of this fall. When unmetered, it can run prefetch jobs to improve the user experience, such as prefetching headlines.g.(Source). Jobs can now declare their estimated data size, signal prefetching, and specify detailed network requirements—carriers can report networks as being congested or unmetered. Just install your current app from Google Play on a device or emulator running Android 9.Google Play will require all app updates to target Android Oreo (targetSdkVersion 26 or higher) by November 2018.

Google is also continuing to work in partnership with JetBrains to optimize Kotlins generated code.Google also says to watch for uses of non-SDK interfaces in your app.Knowing the distance to 3 or more APs, you can calculate the device position with an accuracy of 1 to 2 metres.Starting today, an over-the-air update to Android 9 will begin rolling out to Pixel phones. ART now uses profile information for an on-device rewriting of DEX files, with reductions up to 11% across a range of popular apps.Android 9 adds an implementation of the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API to Android. Google has made a commitment to Kotlin in Android and continues to expand support including optimizing the performance of Kotlin code. Google has expanded ARTs use of execution profiles to optimize apps and reduce the in-memory footprint of compiled app code.2 (API level 17), users installing it will see a warning dialogue after that day. On supported devices, apps can use the OMAPI API to access secure elements (SE) to enable smart-card payments and other secure services.With Android 9 coming to Pixel users, and to other devices in the months ahead, its important to test your app for compatibility as soon as possible. Are there special offers for this product?).g. This lets you ensure a great experience for Android 9 users while you work on enhancing your app with Android 9 APIs and targeting.

In line with that, if your app targets a platform earlier than Android 4. Android 9 restricts access to selected non-SDK interfaces, so you should reduce your reliance on them. In Android 9, JobScheduler handles network-related jobs better for the user, coordinating with network status signals provided separately by carriers.JobScheduler is Androids central service to help you manage scheduled tasks or work across Doze, App Standby, and Background Limits

23 Sep, 2019
Three accessory designers presented runway magic
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Antar Agni by Ujjawal Dubey showcased "The Red In Us", exploring the varied emotions that red exudes. There were period creations comprising embroidered jackets, high waist trousers, skirts, and capes, each with a story to tell. In this line, the designer interpreted kaleidoscopic designs in tribal cultures and integrated it onto every and any imaginable contemporary silhouette. "Werifesteria" by Vasundhara Mantri took the audience back into the wilderness by integrating natural rocks, filigree leaves, twigs, branches, insects and bugs in elaborate forms and patterns. Bringing some military swagger on the runway were designer duo Pankaj and Nidhi.

Symbols like theTrishul, conch shell and cannabis leaves in the form of ingenious prints and sparkling embroidery techniques were omnipresent in her collection. The designer created long pleated skirts, midis, capes, peplum shirts, wide-legged trousers in asymmetrical hemlines and surface ornamentation all evoking a boho-vibe.Day 3 at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2016 marked men as an important aspect of fashion, with designers showing menswear. Valaya, Rohit Bal, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna, Ashish N Soni and Varun Bahl coming together to showcase an outstanding menswear repertoire. The line included an array of cutwork and gingham jackets with upturned collars, and sherwanis with pencil pants paired with monkstrap shoes and boots. Designer Shruti bottling machine Manufacturers Sancheti showcased her collection, "Constantinople", inspired by the epicentre of cross cultural pollination — Istanbul. Actress Sayali Bhagat of the fame Margarita With A Straw walked the ramp for Pariddi.


Three accessory designers presented runway magic with their latest jewellery collection. The day ended with top designers like J. "It’s a strong colour but this collection has saturated tones being used in fabrics such as handwoven khadi and cotton silks. There was a first-time-ever accessory show too. Actor Randeep Hooda arrested the audience with his charm as he walked the ramp for the designer who works exclusively with menswear. Designer Anupama Dayal showcased a collection inspired by the Naga tradition titled "Fight And Feast".J. There’s a controlled use of oxidised red and an interesting play of stitch lines. Presenting an ode to the modern-day globetrotter, Divyam Mehta drew inspiration from the wilderness and the texture of tree barks in his line "Into The Woods".Ushering in a breath of fresh air was Mynah’s Reynu Taandon’s "Meeting Coachella".

Actress Aditi Rao Hydari walked the ramp for her. Sahai Ambar Pariddi showed elegance and earthiness against a fluid backdrop in her collection "Memoir". Braids, cord-work, medals and badges were used as embellishments on hues such as blues, greens, earthy olives and ochres. Next in line was the first men’s wear collection representing the "modern man". Designer Chandrani Singh Fllora made a comeback after three years with "Mrityunjay", a line paying tribute to Lord Shiva. Designer Rohit Kamra’s collection "Made in Jaypore" represented the modern-day Maharaja. Next, Nitya Arora from Valliyan paid homage to the luxurious aura of the Mughal dynasty with "Modern Mughals". The line was inspired from the European cavalries of the 18th and 19th century. Volume has replaced motifs this season," said Ujjawal

18 Sep, 2019
Eshwar also makes better dosas than his mom
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The youngsters do get to unwind when they aren’t ‘batter’ing about.If you could have demoed your machine to royalty, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in your young career, you’d probably tuck it away as your proudest moment. If a burger can cost the same everywhere, why not a dosa " he says. Vikas insists that it’s when his automated tabletop dosa machine serves to feed the Army in the cold and ruthless Siachen that tops his list. And it was probably their perseverance that got these electronics and communication engineering graduates this far. "It is supplied to over 16 countries including Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, the UK, Seychelles, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro amongst others," says Sudeep. When I told the princess that it could make pancakes and crepes too, she said she wanted it at the Buckingham Palace."We ordered for one masala dosa at Bikanervala, an ordinary restaurant at Karol Bagh in Delhi, for which we shelled out Rs 180."Even during our internship, when we’d get tired of all the work, Eshwar would motivate us and say, ‘Come on, you wanted to buy a Ferrari’," recollects Sudeep.

But as the founding duo tells us, it all started with a bite. The 24-year-olds, Eshwar and Sudeep Sabat, are the founders of DosaMatic, a Bengaluru-based creation that cooks one dosa a minute on the push of a button, something that is revolutionising the Indian kitchen and rounding up the definition of Make in India. We’re in talks and they’ll have it in their kitchen soon enough," smiles Eshwar, the CEO, who personally showcased the machine to the visiting royalty when they wished to meet industrious entrepreneurs from our country.

But they decided to dive into their enterprise, head first. "First, blow molding machine it wasn’t tested. But Eshwar K. "At Rs 1. But now, they are on a new mission —to bring it into Indian homes for Rs 12,500. This was one of their first creations as a kitchen robotics company, but they promise that they are only getting started. The enterprising duo, both students of SRM University have rolled out ready-to-eat batters, fillings, chutneys and curries to make using their machine simpler too.A native of Orissa and a tech lover, Sudeep’s love for machines saw him get cracking on the prototypes using Google sketches, while Eshwar brought his previous knowledge of heading a food startup. Eshwar’s mom was obviously proud to see him on TV and plastered all over the Internet, but the humble bloke manages to shrug it off, getting straight to the point. "We usually go on bike rides with our company or read books," says Eshwar.

"Meanwhile, Eshwar also makes better dosas than his mom now, if that counts," quips Sudeep.‘Do you want a small dosa or a crisp one ’ Prince William is said to have asked his wife, Kate, before proceeding to make his own — a crisp dosa, that he went on to savour, breaking all protocol. What started off then for these roommates in college is now a full-fledged venture called Mukunda Foods with over 400 machines in kitchens across the globe. Upon prodding the management, they told us that the sky high prices were because they had to pay the chefs who weren’t even consistent with their attendance, a lot of money.In the tradition of most entrepreneurs, both their parents asked them to have a career backup.5 lakhs, this is used from a Kamat Hotel and Iskcon to the Ritz and the DRDO," says Sudeep. But they still went ahead. Second, the royals don’t eat in public

10 Sep, 2019
With the sudden surge in popularity of portable
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One health record typically attracts a ransom of $50 (Rs 350)Every couple of months, a new vulnerability becomes apparent.The easiest and most popular way to make money from all of this data is to offer it back to the institution -- for a hefty price.One in two devices in any organization have been infected with Ransomware and other Net threats. The company, in its latest security product, Intercept X, has included a machine learning capability that continually monitors threats that their customers encounter, and becomes more intelligent. If a hacker were to break into the database of all patient and payment records, he/she is basically the owner of invaluable data that can be used or misused at will.

The plot today has moved from suburbia to Cyberia -- and the most lucrative heists are not humans, but gigabytes of data. Worms like WannaCry and NotPetya become popular and organizations scurry to find patches. A separate study by McAfee last week came to a similar conclusion: Health care in India experienced 211% increase in disclosed security incidents in 2017.A recent survey by endpoint and network security solutions provider, Sophos, found that 2 of 3 Indian businesses have been the target of ransomware -- the highest percentage of automatic blowing machine Suppliers any nation in the world. In fact, Sophos claims that a substantial number companies have been victims of Ransomware attacks more than once in a span of a few months.So the cyber baddies are out there -- eyeing your data. But with something like Ransomware, one cannot make any predictions on possible date and time of occurrence.

In IT security parlance, this is called Ransomware, a vulnerability whose statistics are alarming.The good news is India, along with Canada and Mexico has the highest levels of machine learning technology and one third of respondents to the survey already use predictive threat technologies such as deep learning and machine learning.Remember that staple of 1990s Bollywood kidnap drama? A van pulls up next to a school, the baddies grab the son or daughter of a well-to-do parent and then there is the ransom demand for a couple of crores of rupees.With the sudden surge in popularity of portable devices, there is so much data about you that is available on the device. From your internet banking apps to your social media channels to work emails, every single touch-point of your personal and professional life finds a little corner on your smart phone.—IndiaTechOnline. In other words, theres a robot of sorts that learns every day about new kinds of threats, so it can predict the occurrence of one or at least decipher one as soon as it hits the network. This is all so yesterday. And healthcare is the sector most targeted -- 76 percent have received Ransomware threats recently. But net security robocops are pushing back -- for now.In order to counter this problem, Sophos has found a solution which is in line with the thought process of hackers.This has made the smart phone extremely vulnerable to attackers for whom all of this data means nothing but money per megabyte! Now, extrapolate this scenario to your neighbourhood hospital frequented by you and your family

02 Sep, 2019
It is true the ruling party
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The challenge has been enhanced with the social media making a huge play in these polls, with both major national parties and others guilty of free dissemination of disinformation. The issue of abandoning the totaliser system, whereby voting trends in individual booths were masked by mixing the old paper ballots from various booths in bundles of 50 before counting them constituency-wise rather than booth-wise, is also worth considering. Would all parties sink their differences and agree to each EVM carrying a verifiable paper trail leading to a more elaborate counting process? Paper ballots gave way to machine-readable paper ballots with optical mark recognition in some parts of the United States.

The 2019 general election is entering the home stretch and the results are due in 10 days’ time. The perfunctory use of VVPAT has been a major debating point, which might just lead on to how the Indian voting system, based on the standalone voting machine, could be bettered to take it nearer greater acceptance by all parties.The rulings of the election panel have come under fire to the extent the present CEC’s term has proved to be not only the most controversial but also seen to be beholden to those in power, to the extent of being charged with bias.. The system is ill served if there is no confidence in the integrity of the election panel, irrespective of whether there is dissent within or not. Bush versus Al Gore presidential election in 2000 is often stated as a warning of how such a system can also lead to complications. Elections are the very foundation of democracy.It must also be explored whether it would be possible to reinstate the absolute confidentiality of polls in the age of machine voting. When the EC is unable to rule in a non-partisan manner on so many aspects of behaviour of politicians, it can only be seen as helpless against the social media as a ubiquitous, no-holds barred communications platform. The time for reform will begin the moment the results are declared on May 23 and a new government is in place.

It is true the ruling party, with greater resources, has used the social media more extensively. The current system must improve at least to a compulsory EVM with VVPAT, or switch to paper ballots with OMR for a polling process that is more satisfying to all. The partisan nature of the Election Commission has been assailed by different political parties, except the ruling BJP. The less than perfect functioning China wholesale plastic blow moulding machine of EVMs has been a recurring theme so far, leading to delays and long queues in very hot weather. Of course, the Florida vote in the George W. There is a clear need to make them work better. It is argued that this technology, with a basic paper ballot, is superior to the EVMs with VVPAT, in which the vote is stored electronically

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